The Products products

A computer aided interactive teaching and learning method powered by a web system called ‘GEMPlatform’.

Commissioned by the intellectual property right owner, the company uses the GEMPlatform to search, share and adaptively display digital content online using different teaching modes. The process will enable the readers to understand and digest the content easily based on their individual learning and language abilities.

GEMPlatform is undergoing a process of system migration and integration. It will be used to run the first cross cultural digital library at North Point, Hong Kong. The library will serve primary to secondary school-age children who will learn how to use the system with the aid of native speaking storytellers.

The Service

Using our years of content development experiences, Mentors will provide advisory service in content design, development, proofreading, editing, translation and maintenance service, including the production of comics, digital images, flash games and mobile apps, etc.