Aimed at providing language training courses to the international communities, Mentors was first set up in Shanghai in 2001 by a Canadian Hong Kong couple. (They attend the Shanghai International Christian Fellowship.)

The Management Team

Formed by a group of content creators, visual art designers and developers, action script programmers, translators, video clip producers, etc., Mentors continues to design, enhance and maintain the pool of digital content loaded in GEMPlatform.

Content Development Team

The content production team is headed by Mr. Roger Phillips. Roger is from the UK. He graduated from the Polytechnic of Central London (now the University of Westminster) in 1987 with a degree in Modern Languages for which he majored in Chinese with French as a minor. Besides his native language English, he speaks fluent Putonghua, and is able to communicate in Cantonese, French and German. He also knows a few other languages at basic conversational level.

First arriving in Mainland China and after working as an English teacher for years, Roger moved to Hong Kong over 15 years ago where he has lived ever since. He is married to a Mandarin-speaking wife and has a trilingual son.

Keen on promoting language training, he believes that mastering the local language is a prerequisite for both business and cultural exchanges.

He agrees with the management team’s idea that a library service with digitalized materials of multi-lingual, multi-cultural and of multimedia nature is an effective channel for bridging language and learning ability differences amongst cross cultural people.

Together with the other members of The Great Commandments (International) Limited (to be consistent with Great Commandments), Roger has vowed to invest his intellectual capital and use his language abilities and insights as an active member of parent association to seek the best interests for the young learners, especially from the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

Technical Team

Together with GEM Platform’s Intellectual Property owner and first inventor, the technical team of Mentors will work with service providers in programming, mobile apps, animation, Wi-Fi, network security and Cloud technology as well as communication network technology, etc. to bring GEMPlatform to its very best form.

Contact Us

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