question Where does my child sign up to use CCDL365's library service?

answer Sign up at Room 220 INNO Centre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong. Location will be advised when accepted.

question What is the age range of the students most suitable to subscribe to the CCDL365's library service? And how?

answer Age between 6 and 15. Please join as a member in person. First, download a registration form, then fill it out and bring it along with your child for registration.

question Can we subscribe as a business to business collaborator of Mentors?

answer Yes, if you are a hardware solution provider, Or content owner,Or content developer, Or academic interested in developing programmes beneficial to the healthy growth of youths,Or educator / language teacher, Or tutorial school with at least five years of business history, Or language training centre.If your business is related to any of the above, then there is a good chance you will be a win-win collaborator with us.

question Is there any free trial period?

answer Please watch out for our next free lesson timetable.

question Are we able to use GEM Platform’s digital library to broadcast our own digital content?

answer Yes, we plan on providing such service to schools and content providers using web service.

question Can we integrate our school or tutorial centre’s content into the database of CCDL365 for use by our students? If yes, what is your business model?

answer Yes, we expect this to be accomplished in the near future. The business model will depend on the location of your own business and whether we need help to maintain your servers and how you could maintain them on your own.

question What do we need in order to run our own digital library at our school?

answer Provide a venue of 100 sq. metres (1000 sq ft) with small desks and chairs and at least one power supply (or make use of your multimedia centre for the purpose).

question In what ways can CCDL365 help our business?

answer It can be cost effective, providing big savings on administrative resources and greater satisfaction for customers (i.e. parents and learners) by offering a language enrichment service that can complement the children’s study.