About Us

The company served the international communities in Shanghai between 2001 and 2005 in the form of a language training centre. Nowadays, it is both a solution provider and a digital content production house.
Since moving out from its Hong Kong hub in the Science and Technology Park at the end of 2012, the company has been preparing to roll out the ‘GEMPlatform’ -- a web application & data sharing system loaded with multimedia content aimed at serving cross cultural readers with a digital library service. This non profit-taking service is managed by a Mentors’ interrelated company called ‘Cross Cultural Digital Library Company Limited (CCDL) 365 Co. Ltd’.

summaryExecutive Summary

Through the experience of providing a language training service for the international communities in Shanghai, our founders anticipated as early as in 2005 that the education industry would inevitably be affected by the increasing impact of cross cultural learning. With this in mind, we started to focus on research and development work of the GEMPlatform, in the hope of finding a pragmatic business solution.
As contemporary children are facing many unresolved issues relating to education, the company has reached the stage of revamping the GEMPlatform and it have been packaged as a cross cultural digital library. A great amount of research before and throughout the development cycles has led us to believe that it is possible to complement the work of teachers through language and reading skill enrichment services.


Apply modern technology ability.


To provide a platform for sharing adaptive digital content for language skill training overcome the complications of teaching cross cultural learners of diverse language.

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